Christmas Reindeer Door Hanger With Tangled Christmas Lights Kit


Looking for a last-minute Holiday decoration to spruce up your home? Check out our Reindeer Lights Door Hanger! The design contains floating pieces that need to be adjusted manually when assembling the piece. The words Merry Christmas and the outline of the reindeer are set for easy placement of the words and pieces if you'd like.  The scoring lines are smaller than the letters, so they won't be visible after assembling the piece.

  • - DIY Pretty décor for the holiday season
  • - Tools & Supplies: Acrylic Paint, 3M Hot Glue Gun, Super Glue
  • - Skills: Painting & Gluing
  • - Assembly Skill: Beginner
  • - Assembly Time: 25 min
  • - Assembled Size: 0.25 x 10.8 x 10.8 in